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Naomi Pujols Rivera

Project Manager

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    San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Bio

    Naomi has a degree in Art History and has worked in tourism for over 10 years. She wants guests to see and love what she loves about the culture of Puerto Rico, her homeland (as if the beaches were not enough). As she travels, the need to share her experiences grows, so she continuously looks for opportunities to do this, may that be in a classroom or leading group tour abroad. She wants to make your experience what it should be: incredible and unforgettable. To her, that is what traveling is all about.

  • Hear from Naomi Pujols Rivera

    In Puerto Rico, after boxing, baseball is the one sport that is in every conversation. Futbol/Soccer might be the religion in most Latin American countries but here, it’s all about baseball. From the historical Roberto Clemente to bleaching your hair in support of the Puerto Rican team in the last few games of the World Baseball Classic Series, it’s not only a game but a socio-cultural tell of a lot of what goes on in the island.