Michael Snyder

Tour Director

  • Located

    Phoenix, Arizona, USA

  • Bio

    Michael grew up on a cattle ranch in western South Dakota riding horses, herding cattle, and anything else required on the ranch from a young age, developing a love for nature and exploration. With two older brothers continuing the family tradition, Michael graduated from South Dakota State University in 2016 and began tour directing. He enjoys the independence and work-related flexibility of tour directing and continues to travel frequently on his own in his free time. He moved to Phoenix at the start of 2020 to pursue outdoor recreation that the area has to offer. Michael enjoys hiking and mountain climbing.

  • Hear from Michael Snyder

    I joined the Navigo team because of the quality of the people working at the company, along with the support that they provide while we are facilitating a tour. Support is a critical component for a tour director if/when things don’t go according to plan, and having a capable team like the staff at Navigo to help resolve issues goes a long way in providing a high-quality tour. I’m happy to be involved as a tour director!

    The best part of being a tour director is showing groups destinations of historical significance or naturally beautiful places that they have only seen pictures or videos of before, and being able to connect them to that place through cultural stories, supplementary information, and peace of mind.