Michael Green

Founder/ President

  • Located

    Nashua, New Hampshire, USA

  • Bio

    Michael founded Navigo in 2006 as a way to combine two of his greatest passions: sports and travel. From an early age, Michael was encouraged to travel, having been to almost all 50 states before his 16th birthday. After graduation with his business degree from the University of New Hampshire, he worked for a time for the Kraft Sports Group (New England Patriots and Revolution) before moving to France (and later the Czech Republic), in part to play soccer.

  • Hear from Michael Green

    Without a doubt, the most difficult challenge we’ve faced in 14 years is COVID-19. We went from planning trips to customer service as we postponed and helped our guests prepare for the post-COVID travel environment.

    I’ve been lucky enough to participate in some incredible service projects with teams over the years. Two that stand out to me were the work we did in Munich at their refugee camp, and when we literally rebuilt a home (I was cutting the trusses for the roof construction) in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.