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Lindsay Blade

Project Manager

  • Located

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

  • Bio

    Lindsay is from Philadelphia. She grew up in a big sports loving family, watching lots of soccer and football (Go Eagles!). She is trained in ballet and played basketball and field hockey growing up. Lindsay’s love for travel started after a semester abroad in Rome, Italy and she hasn’t stopped moving around since. After graduating college, she traveled through South America and Southeast Asia. She lived in Argentina and New Zealand where she taught teens and adults in both English and Environmental Education. She has been teaching for over 10 years and has taught students from over 35 countries.

    Lindsay has led tours in the travel industry for 4 years. She loves to see others experience new cultures, languages and history and have fun while traveling! In her free time, Lindsay loves doing yoga, hiking, gardening and spending time with friends and family.

  • Hear from Lindsay Blade

    I believe that the team at Navigo is passionate about providing amazing travel experiences for their clients. I love that Navigo connects people through sports and culture, two of my favorite things. Sports is a way for people around the world to express passion and spend time in community. Navigo does a great job at helping others experience that passion and community on their curated tours.

    I love guiding tours through South America. The vibrancy and lifestyle is so exciting. However, my favorite Navigo destination has to be Italy. For many, Italy is a dream destination and seeing clients experience the history, food and culture for the first time is one-of-a-kind.