John Czifrik

Group Sales Manager

  • Located

    Newburyport, Massachusetts & Győr, Hungary

  • Bio

    John, a proud New Hampshire native now splitting his time between Győr, Hungary, and Newburyport, Massachusetts, embraces life’s adventures with his wife and two young daughters. With a passion for travel and sports, especially soccer and hockey, John’s international upbringing and college soccer days laid the foundation for a life intertwined with diverse cultural experiences. Living in Hungary, playing for his father’s hometown soccer club, and exploring Europe, John’s journey shaped his love for both sports and travel. Today, he continues to play, coach, and explore the world with his family, finding joy in connecting coaches and teams with unforgettable experiences through Navigo. Budapest holds a special place in his heart, a sentiment tied to its beauty, unique history, language, and sporting traditions.

  • Hear from John Czifrik

    As a soccer enthusiast, I see the global appeal of the sport, making it a perfect fit for Navigo’s mission to unite people through travel and sports. My role allows me to connect with coaches and teams, helping them discover the ideal tour that creates lasting memories. One standout moment includes witnessing a team play in Budapest’s national stadium, a mecca for water polo.