Javier Peña

Tour Director

  • Located

    Madrid, Spain

  • Bio

    Javier, a native of Spain, thrives on exploring new places, savoring delicious food, and the thrill of sports, especially soccer, basketball, and tennis. After earning his degree in tourism, he embarked on adventures in Germany, Mexico, and Colombia. Now back in Spain, Javier spends his weekends either uncovering its hidden gems, with his loyal dog Lana by his side or perfecting his game on the padel court. While he claims not to be obsessed with streaming platforms (“just kidding, maybe a little obsessed”), he readily admits to spending a considerable amount of time there searching for the perfect show or movie. When the search proves fruitless, Javier turns to YouTube, where he finds endless travel & gastronomy content to satisfy his wanderlust.

  • Hear from Javier Peña

    I joined the Navigo Tour Directring team in 2023. The people I have met so far are fantastic – respectful, curious, and friendly.

    I love working with Navigo because it allows me to travel to different countries and be a host to groups. I enjoy observing their reactions as they explore new places and cultures, which are often very different from their own. That’s part of the experience they will never forget.

    My best experience so far was playing bubble soccer in Amsterdam. Think bowling with humans instead of pins, except you’re encased in giant inflatable bubbles and guaranteed to have zero dignity left by the end.