Dunja Fowler

Tour Director

  • Located

    Central Florida, USA

  • Bio

    Dunja is a Tour Director hailing originally from Germany. Her parents, being immigrants from Eastern Europe, made her move quite a bit throughout her childhood. She has lived in 5 countries throughout Europe plus the US. When she is not traveling, she loves cooking and spending time with family and friends.


  • Hear from Dunja Fowler

    Over the years, what I enjoy most about being a Tour Leader is showcasing the beauty and diversity of North America to Europeans. Navigo allows me to experience this in a reversed way by going back to my roots and teaching Americans about foreign cultures.

    My favorite sport is skiing. It usually takes place in a breathtaking surrounding.

    Navigo Tours are well composed and the groups are well motivated and overall a lot of fun to work with. The itineraries are a perfect mix of culture and play.

    My favorite Navigo destination as of now is Spain. It’s a foodie’s paradise.