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Declan Doherty

Tour Director

  • Located

    Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

  • Bio

    Declan hails from the Wild Northwest coast of Ireland in a little county called Donegal. He is a very experienced tour director having guided countless groups throughout Europe. He has a passion for travel and exploring different cultures having lived a nomadic lifestyle traveling all over Europe and beyond during his twenties. He currently splits his time between Paris and Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, in the heart of the French Alps. He enjoys trail running, skiing, and escaping into the great outdoors. He has a Bachelor of Science in Construction Project Management and delivers a number of outdoor leadership programs in Spain every year for university-level students.

  • Hear from Declan Doherty

    I’ve been working with the team members of Navigo for a number of years prior to the company being established. I believe that the people at Navigo are dedicated, honest, and decent people and I want to support their mission in providing unforgettable travel experiences for their clients.

    I love guiding groups through my homeland of Ireland. It is a special feeling to see my country through the eyes of others. However, as far as cities go, my favorite Navigo destination has to be Paris. There is simply no other city like it. For me visiting Paris is like stepping into a painting. Its beauty and its rhythm evoke a sense of wonder like no other. I’m a romantic at heart so I feel right at home there.

    By nature, I’m competitive, and I love to move so I’m a lover of sport in general. However for me, soccer is number one. I grew up playing soccer every day before, during, and after school. I played at a semi-professional level in my twenties and still play competitively. Bringing soccer groups to watch professional soccer matches is a specialty of mine.