Net Panic Pickleball

New Project

Net Panic Pickleball x NAVIGO

Net Panic Pickleball has recently forged an exciting partnership with Navigo Pickleball Vacations, aiming to elevate the pickleball experience for its members. This collaboration seeks to provide an extraordinary opportunity for Manassas picklers, offering exclusive and unforgettable pickleball tours to incredible international destinations. By combining Net Panic Pickleball’s reach among the local pickleball community and the travel prowess of Navigo Pickleball Vacations, members can immerse themselves in the sport they love while exploring new and exciting places. This venture not only enhances the members’ passion for pickleball but also opens up avenues for cultural exploration, creating a perfect blend of athleticism and adventure for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

As a special offer to all members of Net Panic Pickleball, enter the discount code NET during registration and you’ll receive $100 off your trip price for each guest.



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David headshot

Pickleball Sales Manager

David is an avid pickleball player in his home area of Richmond, Va. After a 30-year career in college admissions management, he decided to combine his love of education and travel and started a new career in the international student travel industry.

His love for pickleball brought him to Navigo where he now designs and sells fantastic pickleball vacations for those that love the sport and travel as much as he does. David is married and has two adult daughters.

“I’ve always been involved with sports, and prior to pickleball, my sport of choice was volleyball. My international travels have taken me to dozens of countries, and it is impossible to name a favorite as each has its own unique qualities and characteristics. One of the things I love most is taking people to these fantastic destinations to see the joy that it brings to them. I hope to have that opportunity with you as well!”