Pickling – Italian Style!

Pickling – Italian Style!


Embark on a tailored Navigo Pickleball Vacation designed exclusively for pickleball enthusiasts and their companions, weaving together the thrill of competitive play with the cultural richness of some of Italy’s iconic regions! This trip is designed to appeal to both first-timers to Italy as well as those who’ve traveled there before and love the country. We’ll show you veterans some areas that you perhaps haven’t yet visited while adding in the best pickleball the country has to offer. If this would be your first time to Italy, you’re in luck, this trip also includes some of the keynote experiences you absolutely must have when visiting Rome and Venice. Along the way you’ll experience four dedicated court days, offering a total of 16 hours for both social and competitive pickleball, guided by local certified instructors. The dynamic itinerary seamlessly integrates court time with immersive city tours, cultural excursions, and a variety of activities. From exploring the ancient wonders of Rome to navigating the historic canals of Venice, each moment is thoughtfully curated, ensuring an unforgettable blend of sportsmanship, sightseeing, and cultural exploration—all encompassed within the inclusive cost of the trip. Experience the best of Italy’s heritage, savor local flavors, and forge lasting connections with fellow players on this unparalleled pickleball adventure

8 days/7 nights including overnight flight from the US



  • Dates

    August 24 - 31, 2024




Urban Charms & Culinary Delights

Welcome to the eternal city of Rome, where ancient history blends seamlessly with modern charm! Your Italian pickleball adventure commences as the group arrives in this bustling metropolis, brimming with cultural treasures and culinary delights. Upon touchdown, the group will be greeted with warm Italian hospitality and seamlessly transferred to their stylish accommodations.

Ancient Rome & Pickleball

Energize your morning with the thrill of pickleball as you dive into your first Italian pickleball experience. Engage in social play with fellow enthusiasts, immersing yourself in the camaraderie of the court while receiving expert guidance from local Italian-certified coaches. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, this session promises to set the stage for unforgettable matches amidst the backdrop of Italy's storied past.

Taste, Play, and Discover

Embrace a day filled with sport, leisure, and culinary delights as your Italian pickleball adventure continues. From the thrill of the court to the serene beauty of the Frascati wine region, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Italian culture and hospitality. As the sun sets over the countryside, members of the group will participate in a cooking class, immersing themselves in the art of Italian cuisine. Guided by local chefs, you'll embark on a culinary journey, learning the secrets of authentic Italian cooking.


✔ Tour Directors

Full-time Tour Director(s) assigned to your team for the duration of the trip and available to answer questions, handle emergencies, etc.

✔ Guided Tours/Activities

All guided tours/activities (including entrance fees) to cultural/historic sites, museums, games and pickleball related expenses, and other points of interest as listed are included throughout the tour.

✔ Ground Transportation

All group ground transportation costs upon arrival in Italy.

✔ Accommodations

Accommodation each night at 4-star equivalent properties.

✔ Some Meals

Breakfast is included each morning at the hotel, and group meals as specified on the itinerary.

✔ Pickleball Court Time

All pickleball related expenses (courts, locker rooms, etc.) as well as certified coaches.

Not Included

✖ Gratuity

Tips for Navigo Tour Directors, bus drivers, and/or local guides.

✖ Incidentals

All incidentals including, but not limited to, phone calls, laundry, shopping, and additional sightseeing not on the itinerary.

✖ Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is available through our partner, Travel Insured International, at an additional cost.

✖ Airfare

Round trip airfare from USA to Italy is not included



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