Matt Tyner

Matt Tyner

  • Posted by Pearl Marketing
  • On August 20, 2014

The University of Richmond suggests that each athletic team travel abroad once every four years. We researched a couple trips and even got pricing from one group, but just couldn’t pull the trigger. Enter-Navigo Sports Tours. Brad and I exchanged emails and phone calls and within a week we had an outline, a suggested itinerary and action plans for all involved. Together with our Head Coach, Tracy Woodson, our administration and the President of Navigo, Mike Green, & Sales Manager, Brad Hosey we were bound for CUBA! They planned it all in less than 60 days.

Our nine day trip was part cultural, part baseball and finally, a little down time that was needed by all. Action packed, exciting and rewarding are just a couple words that come to mind when thinking about our experience. “First Class” is what comes to mind when describing the planning and execution done by the guys from Navigo.

If you’re even remotely thinking of going abroad and you haven’t called Brad or Mike from Navigo, you’ve already made your first mistake!

Already looking forward to our next trip!