Michael Ottman

Finance Manager

  • Located

    Hooksett, New Hampshire, USA

  • Bio

    Mike is from a tourist town in Southern Maine, so working for a small tour company is a perfect fit. Although he had never been overseas to Europe before starting with Navigo, he finds himself there frequently not only for business but also for leisure. Here in the States, he enjoys hanging with his dog Lucy, as well as playing golf.

  • Hear from Michael Ottman

    I joined the Navigo team to not only further my experience in accounting and finance but to learn about different company operations and explore different countries, and their cultures.

    In my role here at Navigo, I like being able to succeed in a support-style role, whether I am helping the sales team with budgeting, working with the trip development team, or assisting an existing client that may have a concern!

    My favorite destination that I have been to with Navigo was Copenhagen, Denmark. A beautiful clean city with very advanced systems and technology, as well as great food. I have also been back to visit outside of work.