Why Spain?

After a week or so in Spain, you’ll find yourself adjusting to the slower, more relaxed lifestyle enjoyed by Spaniards and tourists alike. Spain’s beaches, tapas culture, world class soccer teams and affordability make Spain one of our most popular destinations.

Why France?

In France, like Spain, it’s impossible to avoid being immersed in the local culture. Cafe lined streets are packed with locals and tourists alike. The French Alps and Riviera offer breathtaking views and a slower pace of life compared to the bustling capital that is Paris.

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Best Sites

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, flamenco show in Sevilla, Madrid’s Retiro Park; Paris’ Louvre Museum, Promenade des Anglais in Nice, the Alps

Team Favorite

Valencian paella cooking demonstration, Barcelona bike tour; Eiffel Tower in Paris

What's On The Menu

Paella, tapas; Specialties including duck confit, escargot, and crème brûlée

Sports We Recommend

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