2023 Women’s World Cup

2023 Women’s World Cup


Attention USWNT fans! Both Australia and New Zealand have been selected to host the 2023 Women’s World Cup. Navigo Sports Tours is offering soccer fans the chance to explore both countries’ exhilarating cultures through a fully-guided and all-inclusive tour. The best part? You will have the chance to follow TEAM USA on their way to World Cup glory. All you need to do is sign up for our Follow Team USA Package.

Traveling with a group or team? Navigo Sports Tours will also be offering customized group tours for groups traveling with at least 20 guests. Our customized packages will give you the ability to work with a dedicated group representative to create the vacation of your dreams. Plan your itinerary day-to-day and choose which games you want to attend.

Our staff has successfully traveled with teams and fans alike to Women’s World Cup tournaments for the past decade (Germany 2011, Canada 2015, and France 2019)



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    July 2023